Wien 1880 – 1943 Rekawinkel

From 1908 on, full member of the Hagenbund, 1911 President of the Hagenbund.

Landscape painting in oil and pastels, prints and woodcuts. 1894 – 99: student at the Seminary School in Melk. 1903 – 08: after completing his first course of study, he attended the Academy as Heinrich Lefler’s student. 1904: first participation in an exhibition of the Hagenbund [Viennese Artist Association], landscapes in oil and pastel. Junk’s paintings count as some of the rare examples of the influence of impressionism and post-impressionism on Austrian painting at the beginning of the 20th century. Apart from the many prints, Junk’s complete oeuvre encompasses not more than 120 oil paintings and pastel works, which were all produced between 1903 and 1907. Even though he did not work as a painter for long, experts agree that his paintings surpass in quality his prints, which themselves enjoy a high reputation.

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