born in 1948 in Vienna


After an apprenticeship at an ironmonger’s shop, he enrolled at the Education and Research Institute for Graphics in Linz in 1967. Thereafter (from 1969), he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna under Rudolf Hausner. In 1971, he received a master class prize. Bramer belongs to the younger generation of the Viennese School of Fantastic Realists, who hold to their traditional characteristics of executing the painting and drawing component of their art with great care and precision, which leads to a fantastic and enhanced interpretation of reality. He is an aesthete, impressed with the Romantics whose central concern consists in explaining their own existence. In his strictly constructed compositions, in which the triangle is a determining factor, the gently breathing figures—usually shown en face—are set against a theatre-like backdrop of trees or forest. His works are to be found in numerous public collections in Austria and abroad.

ref.: H. Fuchs, Die österreichischen Maler des 20. Jahrhunderts, vol. 1, ch. 99 ff