Vienna, 1898-1986

The Hagenauer workshop was founded in 1898 by Carl Hagenauer (1872–1928). Based on his own and other artists’ designs, he produced the so-called Vienna bronzes as well as metal goods according to demand.

After his death in 1928, his son Karl Hagenauer (1898 – Vienna – 1956), who had studied under Josef Hoffmann at the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts and had graduated as an architect, took over his father’s company and ran it together with his sister Grete and his brother Franz. Numerous designs were created for decorative objects and articles of daily use made of metal and wood, which were produced in the company’s own workshops in Vienna’s Neubau district.

When Karl Hagenauer died in 1956, his brother Franz Hagenauer (1906 – Vienna – 1986) took over the workshop. In 1950, he had received the Award of Applied Arts from the City of Vienna, and in 1962 he became the head of the master class of metal design at the Vienna University of Applied Arts.

In 1986, after Franz Hagenauer’s death, the workshop was closed. In the past twenty years, objects created at the Hagenauer workshop have become more and more popular among collectors and have sold for high prices in art auctions.

ref.: Karl Hagenauer gallery